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[6.19.06 - 9.10am]
[ mood | excited ]

i just saw the stupidest commerical ever in my whole life. some guy liked a grill he was grilling steaks on because it had A1 steak sauce on it. UMMM W-T-F?!?!?!?!?!? i do not think that anyone, especially that guy, would be stupid enough to do that. but whatever....

AND WITH THAT MY UPDATE IS DONE...haha yea right!!!

anyways so i will start with saturday when i worked from 3-8. there was a premier that night and OMG OMG it was full of city people! my rule of thumb when it comes to city people: GIVE THEM WHATEVER THEY WANT, within the limits of your own job that is. cater to their every whim....and that is exactly waht i did that day....STARTING WITH THE MOST EVIL PERSON ALIVE: THE DIRECTOR OF THE WALL STREET JOURNAL!

bsically she was the devil....with prada. (hmmm that sounds....familiar doesn't it???)

anyways, she came up (she was teh first person on line) and she asked if there was anything complimentary (free) for this premier. so rene got on the talkie and was asking jeremy (he said "some lady" wants to know if there is free stuff for this premier) and THAT IS WHEN SHE GOT PISSED OFF! she immediately started yelling at rene telling him how dare he call her some lady, she is the director of the wall street journal. all i have to say is, HOW THE FUCK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT??????



then when she bought a water i, like i have done wiht everyone else, told her the price and she got even more PO-ED> yelling at me saying she was on the phone and it is very rude to interrupt her. WELL EXCUSE ME> IT IS VERY RUDE TO BE ON THE PHONE WHILE UP AT THE STAND ORDERING STUFF. NATURALLY I WOULD TELL YOU THE PRICE AND...O IDK TALK TO YOU WHILE YOU ARE ORDERING SHIT. GOSH! lol

after taht she talked to jeremy, prolly complained about me a couple of times lol, then we decided that everything was free for everyone and she would pay for whatever the people got after the premier was done as long as the price did not go over $1,400. WELL IT DID NOT, BUT I FELT LIKE CHARGING HER 1,401 just to see if she was going to complain about it! lol no really the price for everyone at the premier was only like $800 or so which was well under what she wanted. i think she was pleased about that then....idk i went home at 8 LOL!

sunday was an okay day (during the day that is.....) STUFF HAPPENED AT NIGHT BUT FIRST DAY!

sunday at CVS was fun. i tried some cheese and bacon TGIF chips and they were really good. a cuple of peoeple were rude and this one customer wanted to void out his whole purchase (which was like 15+ items) just so he could get his dollar off which he gave me AFTER i finished the purchase. he was like, 'UHHHH CAN'T YOU JUST GIVE ME A DOLLAR???'

ya i wish it were that simple buddy....

at night i went to the movie and kerry (my boss) annoyed me a lot that night. i was really tired because we were really busy durign the day at CVS and i was thrilled to hear that kerry was sending people home. APPARENTLY THAT EXCUDES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when i asked her the first time she made a coy little smile and said what she always says, "but if you stay you get to work with me!!!" and then she dropped the subject like that was what did it and i was staying.

the second time i told her she got the feeling that i was not letting up so she said this time, "i really need someone compitent to work tonight!" which was just another way of saying i want you to stay here with me.

gerald can work box, so can desi and mariya can work a drawer in concession (yes she knows how now) and if there are any trouble she can always call kerry! SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM! desi and gerald and marya know how to clean....especially desi and marya because after i showed them the ENTIRE list and went down it explaining what each thign was and how to do it presicely THEY better clean somewhat decent.

i like kerry but sometimes she can be J;,LF;LASDUKL;RUAWKLASDFJL;ASKDJR on sundays....

i went to pick up diana at teh train station after that and w000t got to see and talk to her some more...

today i am going with her to buy a game boy! LOLZ

okay well goodbye!

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[1.25.05 - 1.41pm]
[ mood | happy ]

this will be my last entry here because i am changing over again lol. my friend is changing over to ONLY crazylife so i think that i will do the same because i have all of my friend's journals there...she was the only friend i had on this end i think. but whatever...it has been nice talking to you guys....and, if you happen to be on crazylife in the future, the user name for my journal is mynameishello (lol i kno the same). it is friends only so i guess that you will have to leave a comment on my friend's only page and i will check it every now and again. just ask if you can be added and i will add you....c ya kiddos.

i might use this name again in the future to say something or simply to check the customization of the journal...but to not expect it lol.

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Friends Only [10.22.04 - 2.00pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i got bored so i decided to change my ENTIRE journal from public to FIRENDS ONLY....if you want to be added just leave a comment and then i will add you...

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